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July 25, 2009 - Closing Talk
Dear Colleagues, Dear Students

The Time of saying goodbye is here. To be honest with you, I will really miss you. We have spent together three weeks, first in beautiful Zilina, then in Graz and now in Patras. This special time is over and tomorrow, everybody travels to each own home, sweet home with positive (and I hope not) negative sentiments. You brought together a great experience for a multinational collaboration, cultural aspects and local mentalities. And last but not least, please maintain your friendship. To think of organizing such a project seemed to be a great idea. To realise that, it was an entirely different experience with a lot of unexpected problems. Without the successful collaboration of my close friend and colleague Stavros and my colleagues from Zilina and Graz, this IP would have never been realized. I wish to thank all of them. I want also to thank our students, who spent a part of their vacation to attend this course. Stavros also said that you passed the exams. I congratulate you, and now we want to reward you for your effort, by giving to you the certificate of attendance. Many thanks and Goodbye.
Yours sincerely
Dimitrios Zevgolis.

July 19, 2009
Welcome to Patras, Greece. The forum is now activated.

July 9, 2009
The second week of the IP course will take place in Graz. For the transport please contact Mr Peter Brida.

June 2009
The first day of the IP course is on Monday July 6 at the University of Zilina. Please contact the relevant institution person for travel and accommodation details.
All participating students are requested to download statistics for students . Please complete the form and send it back to me (zevgolis@eap.gr) in the middle of the second course week (Wed. July 15, 2009).
All participating teachers are requested to download statistics for teachers . Please complete the form and send it back to me (zevgolis@eap.gr) in the middle of the second course week (Wed. July 15, 2009).

March 2009
Students and Teachers to participate in the IP-course Wi-CoNet are requested to book their airticket between Vienna and Athens Airports on the mentioned dates. For the reimbursement both boarding passes and ticket invoice (as well as any other transportation expenses) are strictly necessary to be deposited during our meeting at the University of Patras.

January 2009
The students, who are interested to participate in the Wi-CoNet IP-Programme, are requested to sent a letter of interest (by email) with a short CV until January 20, 2009 to the corresponding contact person